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Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Synopsis: Siya Levy has what most women want. A beautiful house, a sexy and accomplished husband, and a stepdaughter whom she raises as her own. The only thing that's missing is true happiness. Ayla Newman is living her dream as an actress, taking her life and career to new heights and experiencing things most women won't. After ten years of unsettled drama and silence, the identical twin sisters are forced to cross paths at their father's funeral. After a family feud, Ayla proposes they switch lives with the belief she can fix Siya's failing marriage. All appears too good to be true and Siya soon finds herself tangled in a web of lies, deceit, and danger.

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WOW! Once again this author has blown my mind! This was one of the best most unpredictable stories I’ve read! Soo good! And the new cover is fire!

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