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The Books Your Mother Hid From You As A Child.


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If you found "those books" your mother hid at some point, then you understand the value of a great story! (You also know sneaking to read them was worth the risk OR consequences ha ha.) That's why we are serving you our original African American/urban fiction novels filled with thrilling tales of Romance, Erotica, Suspense and Action. Grab your wine, brace yourself for the plot twists...Oh! and don't forget to hide the books from the kids when your're done :) WAIT!! Before you go, Subscribe for updates, FREE exclusives and chat with other readers below in our blog posts :)



Kryss Clover was born and raised in Northern New Jersey. Her love for fiction began in high school when she was introduced to classic African American Romance and Urban Fiction novels. This inspired her to become part of her high school’s creative writing class where she entered her writing into contests and shared her work with peers. Also inspired by her second love which is films, her writing style incorporates a film approach where she places emphasis on the actions and dialogue of the characters bringing her story to life.